Lowline Cattle

Lowline cattle are a type of Angus that were selectively bred in Australia in the 1970’s as the smaller sized variety of the breed and came to Canada in 1996. Since then, these cattle have been popular on homesteads and smaller farms as they are known for having a calm, docile temperament, calf easily, being great mothers, do very well on grass even for finishing, and have less fat with more marbling. Our cattle here at Naked Acres are registered percentage Belted Lowlines, which means they have been crossed with Belted Galloway, another heritage miniature breed that is known for its ability to eat many different plants in almost any climate, its disease resistance, and its exceptionally lean but tender meat.

Our cattle are fed only grass hay and alfalfa hay while off pasture, minerals, and are rotationally grazed on mixed pasture. This means that they are moved to fresh pasture as much as every day! This benefits the cattle because it encourages them to eat all the types of grasses in an area to diversify their diet, decreases ingestions of parasites, and helps to rejuvenate the pasture by “fertilizing” it and then resting it. If you are wondering about rotational grazing and using multiple animals to build soil and nourish the land, please check out Joel Salatin or Greg Judy, regenerative farmers from the USA. Or even watch “Biggest Little Farm” on Netflix!