Naked Acres is a small farm located in Armstrong, British Columbia,
Canada focused on regenerative and sustainable farming.

Naked Acres Farm

Naked Acres is a small farm focused on regenerative and sustainable farming.
We are located in Armstrong, in the beautiful Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, where we moved in September 2021. We had little to no farming experience, but a passion to learn, and willingness to work hard for real, healthy, “naked”, nothing-added food for ourselves and “neighbours”.
Please follow along as we embark on this exciting adventure! Check out our Facebook group page for updates on what we are doing now.

Regenerative and Sustainable

People often wonder what it means to be “regenerative” and “sustainable”.
Regenerative agriculture is a “system of farming principles and practices that seeks to rehabilitate and enhance the entire ecosystem”, by building soil instead of depleting it. This is done by increasing soil microbe biodiversity and carbon biosequestration to keep topsoil fertile. It also means using organic compounds (manures, composts, etc) instead of synthetic inorganic compounds (chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides).
Sustainability has 3 parts: society, economy and environmental stewardship. Having a vision for the future to provide food for generations to come, to feed the community, protect the farmer and enhance the land; all in synergy. It takes into account not only the environment, but also people! At Naked Acres, our commitment to our community is shown not only in selling wholesome meat, but also by food sharing with our gardens.


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Garden Club

Ask us about our garden club! Where people can come and plant, weed and harvest and take home bountiful, non-GMO, pesticide- and herbicide-free food for FREE! We work together, learn together and enjoy fellowship in nature. In the future we also hope to share in methods of traditional food preservation like canning, fermenting, freezing, dehydration, curing and even making lard!

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